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Natural stones that have existed since prehistoric times are designed to help people live in harmony with nature.

It has great importance in sheltering with stone shelters, controlling fire with flint, grinding stone mills, crops, creating culture with obelisks and stone inscriptions.

As a result of this importance, it has named the periods as Stone Age, Chipped Stone Age, Polished Stone Age with its use and feature.

Combining the importance of natural stone, which is a reflection of nature, with contemporary interpretations today, Ece Marble brings you all the possibilities that natural stone can offer.

Ece Marble was established in 2001 in Denizli. Turkey and around the marble quarrying, marble factory is located in Denizli, granite factory in Aksaray, marble depot in Antalya, and continues its activities in the sector with marble showroom in Istanbul.

Ece Marble, which has a wide production range, has 24 marble quarries especially in Burdur, Isparta, Balıkesir, Muğla, Denizli, Antalya, Afyon, Aksaray and Kırşehir regions.

Our company prepares the products obtained from its quarries in its factories by making use of the advantages offered by technology and making them ready for the use of its customers with its equipped machines, world-class production quality, and experienced staff.

Ece Marble, which adopts quality production as a principle, offers its products to its customers in blocks, slabs, and sizes.

Inspired by the pure beauty of nature, Ece Marble gives life to projects in almost every region of the country by processing it carefully without harming the natural texture of the stone. It exports all over the world, especially in China, India, the USA, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Russia.

With its always entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach, Ece Marble extends its product portfolio by constantly adding R&D studies and adding new marble quarries to its structure.

Ece Marble aims to offer a unique experience to its customers by working with passion and courage by putting quality at the focal point of the organization from the production stage to the customer, as the gift of nature, which is carefully obtained from marble quarries.

With the belief that sustainable success will be possible by keeping customer satisfaction above everything, Ece Marble understands the feelings and thoughts of its customers and presents its natural stone as a personalized experience with all the opportunities it offers, in line with its needs and wishes.

Ece Marble, with a sense of respect and responsibility for society and nature, acts with a quality production philosophy within the framework of business models based on sustainable future strategies to leave an environment where they will live a happy and healthy life. It is involved in many social responsibility projects to support the protection of natural life.


Turkey and signed with natural stone products to many projects in the world Ece Marble, transforms the natural stone to take action by enabling access to the natural splendor and elegance of its customers with on a marble showroom in Etiler people a special experience.

With its unique and extraordinary concept designs such as living spaces, bathrooms, Turkish baths, bars, kitchens, study rooms in the Showroom, all of which are produced from its marble quarries to provide perfect customer experience, marble, travertine, granite, dolomite, limestone, onyx. It blends natural stone with art and displays it in its most magnificent form.

In addition to concept designs such as baths, bathrooms, bars, special designs such as marble tables, coffee tables, consoles, and decorative objects that will form the most elegant corner of your living spaces are also exhibited in the Showroom.

It offers an inspirational environment for architects and designers to show detailed information about the most accurate product they can use in their projects and how to follow them in Showroom, with a wide range of products, in the plate gallery, and the stock areas.

Marble has an inherent feature in creating delicacy and magnificence in every project and design it is involved in. Blending this delicacy with art and philosophy and making the most special dishes in the kitchen of your home with its robustness when you take every step in the structures, it is determined to make you feel the peace and comfort of each square in the marble coffee tables that you graciously leave after you sip your coffee. We work and produce with enthusiasm.

Provides wide service including production, design, distribution, assembly, and after-sales support.


It offers its products to its customers with its quality-oriented production approach in its factories, including 'marble' 'travertine' 'granite' 'dolomite' 'limestone', all of which are obtained from its quarries.


Ece Marble exports its products in blocks, sheets, and sizes all over the world from Europe to Asia, the Far East to America, and the Middle East.


Ece Marble, with its raw material and resource, high production power, large stock capacity, makes project deliveries in a short time with quality assurance. Having raw material is one of the strengths of Ece Marble and realizing the production from the raw material it has within its structure enables it to provide uninterrupted and efficient service to its customers


By combining long-term experiences with innovative thoughts, it provides the most suitable products and solutions for architects and designers to realize their projects perfectly.



Why Ece Marble Exclusive?

21 years of experience

We have been manufacturing at our own quarries and factories for 21 years

Creative Designers

We are working with expert designers.

Quality Products

We extract the best stone from our own quarries and produce with the latest technology.

Trendy Designs

We analyze the demands of the industry and offer the best trend concept design alternatives for you

Free Consulting

We provide free consultation in the perspective of your project's general details

Constant Contact

Our support team will be in constant contact with you during the project.

We are always with you with our sectoral experience and strong infrastructure

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